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Live in the sunshine,
swim the sea,
drink the wild air

Experience the untouched beauty and tranquility of Southern Pelion and discover Greek serenity. With us at PELI you can simply enjoy what Greece does best: sparkling olive groves, rustic corners, idyllic beaches and excellent cuisine.

Julia's tavern and beach bar

“Eat, drink and have a good time!”

Φάγε, πίε, εὐφραίνου (Phage, pie, euphrainou) “Eat, drink and have a good time!” Enjoy excellent cuisine and Greek hospitality at Julia's Tavern ALL YEAR ROUND. Authentic Greek cuisine, fresh fish, cool drinks and daily specials - all right on the beach. Vegetarian and vegan options are of course possible upon request. Julia's Tavern offers both breakfast and, if desired, full and half board.

Panta Rhei

Everything flows or: swimming, splashing, paddling, soaking up the sun

Swim in the crystal clear water or borrow one of our snorkel masks and explore the bays of southern Pelion. Start the day full of energy with SUPYoga or set off on new adventures with one of our stand-up paddles.
Healthy mind in a healthy body. Before you go to bed, take a quick dip in the waves and the most restful sleep is guaranteed.

Greek way of life on the beach

The beach is an insider tip even for locals.

You can meet painters who put the magnificent view on canvas, as well as locals who like to drag all their household goods to the beach on weekends and spend the whole day here eating, drinking and laughing.

Every now and then a farmer comes by and offers freshly harvested fruit and vegetables. Feel free to grab it, it doesn't get any better or cheaper!

Around Kastri

Discover and experience the surrounding area

Kastri is an original bay and a secret of the Greeks. Nestled in the hills of Southern Pelion, PELI combines the natural beauty, pristine forests, turquoise waters and crisp clean air with the comfort of a modern retreat center. Growth of body and mind, right by the sea.


The area around Kastri offers lots of worthwhile excursions. From short hikes to the world-famous Kalderimis, impressive monastery walls and fairytale mountain villages.

We would be happy to help you with tips.


useful information

The olive groves and forests of southern Pelion are home to rare plant and animal species, which you can get to know impressively on hikes through the area. Behind every hill you will find a new, magnificent view and the small villages offer lovely places to linger. The culture of Pelion is unique in Greece and cannot be compared to that of the sometimes overcrowded travel destinations in the country. Here you will find Greece in its purest form. Yes, also that you see everything a little more relaxed. Time is relative and the Greeks' favorite word is αύριο [avrio] and means "tomorrow".

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ... and finally I do nothing!

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow ... and finally I do nothing!

tour with peli




Mammamia there is a lot to experience.

Although southern Pelion is quite rugged and remote, for the restless there is plenty to see and do in the area. From diving in Greece's first underwater museum off Skopelos, hiking through picturesque Kalderimis to Paou Monastery or Milina, to the loud life in Skiathos, just 10 minutes away by boat and one of the most visited islands in Greece. Not least through the Mamma Mia films. Our personal highlight: The Saturday market in Argalasti

Argalasti, the unofficial capital of the region, invites you to take a little stroll. Every Saturday is market day in Argalisti, where farmers and business people from the region offer their goods. Everything is on offer, from fresh fruit and vegetables, to honey, oil and souvenirs. A little tip: In the back, rising part of the market you can find clothes that you can't get anywhere else. With a bit of luck you'll get a couple's set of pajamas with a matching floral pattern or ours Personal favorite: the Pumpinella 3-pack.

Platanias A small village about 6 km away with a harbor, traditional bakers, lots of taverns and small shops.

Useful information for traveling in southern Pelion

Take cash with you! There are no ATMs in Kastri and the surrounding area! And in general you can get further with cash than with a card. Be prepared for the room, taxis in Skiathos, taxi boat and various. Food must be paid for in cash. A few restaurants take cards, but it is better to have cash with you as it is accepted everywhere here in Pelion.

Even though Skiathos is one of the most visited islands in Greece and is only 10 minutes away, on South Pelion you are NOT in a tourist area, i.e.: Don't expect shops and bars, etc.
The advantage: You can really enjoy the peace and quiet or concentrate completely on the seminar and your growth.

A meal here costs around €15,--

The beach in Kastri is sandy and partly (round) stones. If you have sensitive soles of your feet, you are well advised to wear bathing shoes.

When packing, remember that it can get cooler in the evening, that you pack sturdy shoes and If you have a reusable water bottle, please put it in, we try to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

If you need to run any unforeseen errands, feel free to let us know and we'll try to get what we can, but as I said, you're not in a tourist area.

Enjoy it!

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