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The beauty and tranquility of the landscape, right by the sea, offers an incomparable opportunity to support inner growth. Experienced trainers ensure that our retreats go far beyond a conventional vacation and create healing and transformation.

The freedom from
Thinking and feeling


Rhythm & Rebetiko

02.06 - 06.06. 2024

Singing and dancing with Romina and Nikos

Come with us on a journey full of music, dance and magic. Dance with us barefoot on the beach and feel the authentic Greek way of life. Because: While you're dancing you can't judge, you can't hate, you can't cut yourself off from life. You can only be happy and completely whole.


09.06 - 14.06.2024

Who can I become -
who am I - who was I

6 day intensive course with Anna Maurer and Michael Haid. Recognize your own memories and bring them into flow. Recognize your experiences and experiences and discover what talents and resources still lie dormant within you. With who you are, you make your way to your inner source of strength so that you can courageously shape your life.

Mindful hiking

02.06. - 08.06.2024

Paths and bays on South Pelion

7 days of mindful hiking is a unique experience in which relaxing meditations and gentle nature work together and which draws attention to the knowledge of the presence of feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. The focus is on mental processes - finding silence and reducing stress - immersing yourself in the nature of wild southern Pelion.

The secret of mindfulness

15.06. - 22.06.2024

Meditation seminar with WISDOM founder Peter Riedl

What would Buddha Shakyamuni's Great Discourse on Mindfulness be today? What messages are contained in it? In this retreat, Peter Riedl reveals the secret and teaches how to achieve freedom of choice and lead a contented life through the practice of mindfulness. .

Buddha and Sirtaki

25.05. - 01.06.2024

Special symposium for organizers and seminar leaders

7 day symposium for therapists, trainers and teachers. Intensive exchange led by Anna Maurer, getting to know the area, introduction to WISDOM meditation, dance courses, lectures and enjoying life in all its facets. Like-minded people meet to contemplate, let nature work its magic on you, relax and celebrate.

Wisdom practice path

Individual lessons with Peter Riedl by personal appointment.

Personal coaching - therapeutic support

What do I have to change today so that I don't repeat yesterday's mistake tomorrow? WISDOM mind training consists of the four methods taught by Buddha: meditation, mindfulness, inquiry and effort. Through them you can become more conscious, i.e. learn not to constantly react to the surrounding stimuli, to what you hear and see, as if at the push of a button.

wisdom training course

from June 15, 2024

Learn the WISDOM method and pass it on.

Intensive training with Dr. Peter Riedl. WISDOM mind training consists of the four methods taught by Buddha: meditation, mindfulness, inquiry and effort. In this course the focus is on passing on the method.


Retreat with Kira and Wolfgang Kerschbaummayr

Connect with your spiritual source and experience the touching effect of the Essen meditations

Kira and Wolfgang accompany you on a journey with very special meditations, yoga, breathing sessions and much more. The Essenes were great masters at establishing an intimate connection with their spiritual source and her entire life was designed to vibrate in harmony with these forces. This enabled them to develop healing powers that enabled them to live an extraordinary life in harmony and peace.

MINDFULNESS and intuitive archery

24. 08. - 31. 08. 2024

Unique seminar for beginners and advanced archers/mindfulness practitioners with Kornelius Hentschel and Peter Riedl.

Find your inner balance, your strength and experience the magic of letting go. Supported by therapeutic bow training and mindfulness teaching, you will discover the harmony between spirit and nature, build your own arrow and then shoot it into the sea in a ritual, complete with your wishes.

be a peli




Dr. Peter Riedl

WISDOM founder, university professor, meditation teacher, author

The freedom from
Thinking and feeling

How do I become happy and content? How can I be calm?

You can find the answers to these questions yourself by practicing the WISDOM method.

WISDOM – the Vienna School of Open Meditation, is a method that founder Peter Riedl developed in his 40 years of practicing meditation, mindfulness, investigation and effort.

be a peli



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