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We cordially invite you to take part in our cheerful olive harvest in the picturesque Peli Kastri in southern Pelion!

Our olive harvest is not a typical retreat, instead it’s all about community, olive oil and exuberant celebrations. Our olives are harvested by hand and have to go to the mill on the same day because this is the only way to get the best oil from the olives. That’s why we all have to work together from October to January and every extra pair of hands is welcome. Because work and celebration are inextricably linked for us, food is included in this week. And don’t worry – there’s no shortage of relaxation.

What can you expect?

Happy olive harvest: Learn why it is important to harvest the olives quickly and help us to pick only the green olives from the tree – no fallen or red olives, we leave them for the birds.

Celebrate and enjoy: Experience our traditional harvest celebrations, including music and singing.

Exciting excursions: visit the oil mill with us and learn about the entire oil production process, walk with us across the calderimis to secluded bays (with a bit of luck we can still swim) and fascinating views.

Tree christening: You have the opportunity to choose a tree and adopt it for 1 year. Make your own name tag and hang it on the tree. If you wish, we can support you with your very own “christening ceremony”.

Cooking course Greek specialities: Get to know traditional Greek cuisine and learn how to prepare it yourself. (At the end, of course, everything cooked together is enjoyed over dinner).

Introduction and organisation: On the first evening we discuss everything important – how to harvest the olives correctly and which tasks are to be distributed.

Child-friendly: Bring your children, the more the merrier.

Olive oil: By participating, you naturally secure a share of the harvest. Your olive oil (we will know the quantity after the harvest) will be delivered to you fresh from March 2025.

What to bring with you: Work gloves/gardening gloves (we have some of course, but it’s more comfortable if they fit really well) and sturdy shoes

Course management

Elisabeth and Peter Riedl


Please register in advance (see right). If you don’t want to take part on all days but would like to help out a little, you are cordially invited to join us on the first evening for the organisation and introduction.
For last-minute bookings that do not require a room, please send an email to olive@pelikastri.com by 10 October at the latest. Subject: “Happy harvest”.

We look forward to spending a wonderful time with you at the olive harvest and introducing you to the fascinating world of olives.

Course language

German, Greek, English, etc. at the olive harvest we all speak the same language and laughter is universally understood.

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