kontakt & anreise


Get your strength back - with the magic of the moon. Discover your authentic self-expression in 8 powerful sessions - in harmony with nature and the rhythm of the moon.

Living with the rhythm of the moon and nature is something we humans have always done naturally.

In the fast-paced world we live in, many of us have lost touch with it. This leads to some problems you’re probably familiar with:

Even sabotaging thoughts, unhealthy behavior patterns and a disconnection between ourselves and our bodies are the result when we are not in our strength.

To regain this and learn to live more in harmony with the elements, we will meet in Greece in June.

Through yoga and working with the elements we strengthen the body, calm the mind and achieve a deep connection with ourselves.


What’s waiting for you:

8 practice units (Vinyasa in the morning and Yin meridian therapy in the evening)

3 healthy meals together per day

What will you take with you?

A strengthened body

A calmed nervous system

Connection with yourself and your wisdom

Course management

Dessie Georgieva

Course language

English (German translations possible)

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