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Training course to teach the WISDOM method

Immerse yourself in the enriching world of WISDOM training. This year-long journey takes you through five modules, including seminars in Greece and Vienna. Experience mindfulness, meditation, inquiry and effort in their essence. The training goes beyond simply imparting knowledge – it enables personal transformation and enables you to actively pass on what you have learned.

Difference from other forms of Buddhism

The difference to religious Buddhism lies primarily in the interpretation of individual teaching content, Buddhist terms and beliefs, such as the doctrine of dependent emergence, the definition of rebirth, enlightenment, ignorance and the methods of Buddhist mental training.

Difference from other methods of mental exercise, such as psychotherapy

WISDOM could be described as Buddhist therapy. However, the focus is not on analyzing personal problems, but rather on recognizing and overcoming them yourself without evaluating and judging them.

The WISDOM training is for you if you:

Already have experience in meditation, mindfulness or yoga.

Want to deepen and expand your understanding of a mindful life.

Want to pass on the WISDOM method.

Want to develop skills as a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

The training lasts 1 year and extends over five modules, which take place in a mix of face-to-face units in Vienna, online units and as self-study.

Module 1: The Secret of Mindfulness

7 days seminar in Greece June 15, 2024 – June 22, 2024

Personal feedback after the course

Module 2: Finding Inner Peace – The Essence of Mindfulness and Meditation

Module 3: Deeper Calm and Problem Solving

Module 4: Consciousness, Creativity and Leadership

Modules 2 – 4 each consist of 6 evening units on the main focus of the module with lectures, exercises, joint meditations and reflections on the exercises. The units take place online or in person in Vienna.

1 personal feedback at the end of each module

Module 5: Maturity, Overcoming Suffering and Enlightenment – Applying what you have learned

4 day seminar in Vienna June 2025

Finally, you will complete a specially created 60-minute unit with your course team.


For each module, self-study is planned for integration into everyday life. Here, the teaching content made available on our Learn platform should be developed independently. We provide you with video lectures, concrete exercises and our WISDOM manual. These documents are included in the module price. As part of self-study, it is planned to form small groups over the course of the training in order to design courses for yourself and your team. We support these and provide space for them.

Course leader: Peter Riedl

Do you have any questions? You can reach the WISDOM team at b.behmer@uwgmbh.at.

Curriculum (subject to change)

The exact course of the training courses will be determined together with Peter Riedl. Inquiries for personal preliminary discussions with Peter Riedl at info@peterriedl.at.

WISDOM teacher
1 year (5 modules and self-study)
Internalization of the WISDOM method, as well as the 4 levels of personal WISDOM practice and independent instruction of WISDOM courses

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