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Our workshop is a balanced mix of music, rhythm, history, dance and magic.

Travel with us into the world of Greek sounds

A journey through Greek music history awaits you. We fly over the Greek rhythms, dance Sirtaki (which isn’t actually called that) and sing with Eastern sounds.

We’ll take you into our world in southern Pelion for a week.

You learn:

5 Greek songs to sing

Why 90% of all Greek songs are in a minor key

What is the background of eastern sounds

How the Rembetiko came about

Why Sirtaki doesn’t even exist

The 4 most important dances that will get you ready for every Greek festival

And the most important:

Your soul flies with us into the freedom of the Greek mentality. She experiences the sweetness of melancholic music and immerses herself in a world where there are no time limits. No train timetables, no expectations and where performance is a foreign word.

South Pelion is one of the few places in Greece that has remained rustic and mass tourism has not yet taken hold. People here have time to talk and cook. In Greek mythology, it was the place where the Greek gods vacationed and where the centaurs chased after beautiful young girls.

Why this retreat?

Our workshop is a balanced mix of music, rhythm, history, dance and magic.

Let yourself be enchanted for a week and relax your body, mind and soul.

Course management

Romina & Niko

Course language
German and a bit of Greek (translations on request)

Good to know

You are welcome to take part in individual sessions without living with us… More information about this at info@pelikastri.com

At the same time as this retreat, “Mindful Hiking” with Michael Haid will also take place.

Immediately afterwards, on June 9th, the retreat “Growing with courage” begins with Anna Maurer.

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