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Experience a profound journey to yourself. Under the guidance of the two experienced psychotherapists Anna Maurer and Michael Haid, you will learn how to discover and use your talents and resources to grow in a self-determined manner.

This workshop, developed by Anna Maurer, is about how you can realize yourself and grow in contact with other people.

What gives us meaning in life and what values provide us with orientation to enable us to live out our personal talents responsibly. In this retreat we use the olive trees that surround us as an analogy for life itself. Because, like a tree, it is important to accept and take our roots, our past and our current being with us.

Acknowledging our life experiences helps us discover gifts and resources. With this clarity you can plan your next steps and “courageously” shape your authentic life.

Why this retreat?

If we see everything we have experienced and learned so far as meaningful for our lives and have the courage to develop trust in our inner source of strength, we will discover still dormant potential that needs to be realized. This workshop helps to recognize where we are not yet using this power and what life still has in store for us to live it courageously.

Course management

Anna Maurer and Michael Haid

Course language

German (translations on request)

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