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Individual lessons with Peter Riedl by personal appointment

WISDOM serves as a method and exercise to make your own life a success.

For whom?

For all people who want to follow a non-esoteric and non-faith-based practice path and workshops or seminars based on this

Goals of the method:

Depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise, the following goals can be achieved:

Come to rest

solve problems

Develop leadership skills

Ripen and grow

Be free

Difference from other forms of Buddhism

The difference to religious Buddhism lies primarily in the interpretation of individual teaching content, Buddhist terms and beliefs, such as the doctrine of dependent emergence, the definition of rebirth, enlightenment, ignorance and the methods of Buddhist mental training.

Difference from other methods of mental exercise, such as psychotherapy

WISDOM could be described as Buddhist therapy. However, the focus is not on analyzing personal problems, but rather on recognizing and overcoming them yourself without evaluating and judging them.

The aim of the WISDOM method is to learn to deal better with the difficulties of everyday life

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The course itself is designed individually and therefore does not run in the traditional way with set course and free time, but rather mindfulness is practiced in and for life, so that this can be achieved even after the joint practice in everyday life.

The course pace and content are determined by the participants

Course management
Peter Riedl

Course language
German, with English translation upon request

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