kontakt & anreise


Living with the rhythm of the moon and nature is something we humans have always done naturally.

In the fast-paced world we live in, many of us have lost touch with it. This leads to some problems you’re probably familiar with:

Even sabotaging thoughts, unhealthy behavior patterns and a disconnection between ourselves and our bodies are the result when we are not in our strength.

To regain this and learn to live more in harmony with the elements, we will meet in Greece in June.

Through yoga and working with the elements we strengthen the body, calm the mind and achieve a deep connection with ourselves.


What’s waiting for you:

8 practice units (Vinyasa in the morning and Yin meridian therapy in the evening)

3 healthy meals together per day

What will you take with you?

A strengthened body

A calmed nervous system

Connection with yourself and your wisdom

Course management

Dessie Georgieva

Course language

English (German translations possible)


This unique seminar teaches a combination of intuitive archery and mindfulness.

While using a bow and arrow can be a meditation that connects the outer and inner worlds, the teaching of mindfulness supports you in accepting things as they are.

In the beautiful landscape of southern Pelion, we, Kornelius Hentschel and Peter Riedl, are organizing the seminar “Mindfulness and Intuitive Archery”.

Nestled in the sun, the sea, the wind that rustles the olive trees and the chirping of the cicadas.
Warmth that surrounds you, and then only sound, feeling and mindfully perceiving the world from the center.
The movement of archery develops from this mindfulness, a kind of standing meditation.
I have my place, am rooted, and can develop and let go through personal responsibility and self-efficacy. This has an external effect through the shot, which slides away from me, as it were, like the snow sliding down from the cedar branch.

Tension and relaxation, acceptance of myself as I am and joy in my heart.
Perceiving the world, me, as it is, without judgment, stillness of thought.

Archery is also an immersion into the archetypal world of archetypes, dealing with my inner images and powers.
Entrusting yourself to Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, the forest and birth, courageous and responsible.
And to always return to the place of meditation to practice mindfulness.

This seminar is led by Kornelius Hentschel, therapeutic bow trainer and Peter Riedl as mindfulness teacher.
One week we will focus on mindfulness training and intuitive archery.
Every day Peter Riedl will teach us mindfulness.

This seminar is aimed at beginners; advanced archers are also welcome.

The first few days involve learning archery and then dedicating yourself entirely to intuitive movement.
In the second half of the week we will enter the world of archetypes and myths. At the same time, we learn to build our personal arrow, which we will then shoot into the sea in a ritual and a special shot with all our wishes.

Course management

Kornelius Hentschel and Peter Riedl

Good to know

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 8 people.

The price includes the seminar and all materials (all archery equipment is provided), as well as a farewell dinner.

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

Course language

German (translations on request)


6-day retreat with Kira and Wolfgang Kerschbaummayr, a journey to your spiritual source. We explore the ancient wisdom of the Essenes and their connection to nature and the cosmos. Immerse yourself in this field with us, you will be amazed!

In recent years, Kira and Wolfgang have discovered a valuable treasure in the teachings of the Essenes. The deep truth and healing power of their insights touched us through and through.

They were great masters at establishing an intimate connection with their spiritual source and called their encounters with the visible and transcendent forces of the universe “communions.”
Her entire life was designed to vibrate in harmony with these forces. This enabled them to develop healing powers that enabled them to live an extraordinary life in harmony and peace. Their way of life was far ahead of that time.
The most famous Essene master was Jesus.

In the daily “communion” (guided Essene meditations), Kira and Wolfgang want to show how you can get in touch with these healing powers and use them.
Kira and Wolfgang: “For us personally, this has opened (another) door to the inside. We would like to share with you the deep peace we experienced.”

The beautiful surroundings, the sea in Greece, the magical place in Peli Kastri support you.

Kira and Wolfgang accompany you on this journey with very special guided meditations, yoga, breathing sessions and much more. There is of course plenty of time to relax, hike, swim, enjoy and chat with a nice group of like-minded people.

If you are unsure whether this retreat is right for you or you have further questions,
please contact Kira and Wolfgang at:
+43 699 17 10 47 99

Course management

Kira and Wolfgang Kerschbaummayr

Course language



Travel with us into the world of Greek sounds

A journey through Greek music history awaits you. We fly over the Greek rhythms, dance Sirtaki (which isn’t actually called that) and sing with Eastern sounds.

We’ll take you into our world in southern Pelion for a week.

You learn:

5 Greek songs to sing

Why 90% of all Greek songs are in a minor key

What is the background of eastern sounds

How the Rembetiko came about

Why Sirtaki doesn’t even exist

The 4 most important dances that will get you ready for every Greek festival

And the most important:

Your soul flies with us into the freedom of the Greek mentality. She experiences the sweetness of melancholic music and immerses herself in a world where there are no time limits. No train timetables, no expectations and where performance is a foreign word.

South Pelion is one of the few places in Greece that has remained rustic and mass tourism has not yet taken hold. People here have time to talk and cook. In Greek mythology, it was the place where the Greek gods vacationed and where the centaurs chased after beautiful young girls.

Why this retreat?

Our workshop is a balanced mix of music, rhythm, history, dance and magic.

Let yourself be enchanted for a week and relax your body, mind and soul.

Course management

Romina & Niko

Course language
German and a bit of Greek (translations on request)

Good to know

You are welcome to take part in individual sessions without living with us… More information about this at info@pelikastri.com

At the same time as this retreat, “Mindful Hiking” with Michael Haid will also take place.

Immediately afterwards, on June 9th, the retreat “Growing with courage” begins with Anna Maurer.


The seminar teaches you to distinguish reality from your own imagination and, above all, it teaches serenity as a path to freedom.

Peter Riedl takes Buddha Shakyamuni’s great teaching on mindfulness and transfers it to today with a lot of experience and practical exercises and thus reveals a secret.

Through proper mindfulness practice, you can gain freedom of choice and lead a successful, contented life instead of a stressed and suffering one. How this can be achieved through the practice of mindfulness is her second secret and focus of this retreat.

Why this retreat?

What we learn

is the conscious design of one’s own life so that it succeeds in all areas.

What we discover

are the hidden structures in one’s own self that so often prevent this success.

What we take with us

are methods of mastering life and its difficulties.

Seminar schedule

The course begins with closing the door at home and ends with opening the door upon return.

The guided exercises and lectures during the seminar include the following topics:
What is the exercise for?
Meditation I Mindfulness I Inquiry I Effort
Synthesis of the individual exercise steps
Implementation of the exercise in everyday life
Deepening the exercises
Open frame
Unconventional exercises

Saturday June 15th. 2024

Arrival and getting to know each other for the first time
The course begins when you lock the apartment door.
6 p.m. dinner together and getting to know each other.
Presentation of the weekly structure

Sunday June 16, 2024 – Thursday June 20, 2024

Late morning
9:00 a.m. Breakfast
10:00 a.m. Lectures and guided exercises
1:00 p.m. vegetarian lunch together

Time n.v. Lectures and guided exercises
6:00 p.m. Dinner

Depending on your needs and course progression, exercises are also offered before breakfast and after dinner.

Friday, June 21, 2024

from 8:00 a.m. breakfast
10:00 a.m. final round
1:00 p.m. Lunch
Afternoon for free design and integration

Saturday June 22, 2024

Breakfast and departure
Topic: Recognizing the difference from the beginning.

Course management

Peter Riedl

Course language
German (translations on request)

Good to know

This course can be credited as part of the training to become a WISDOM teacher basic or mentor.


Immerse yourself in the enriching world of WISDOM training. This year-long journey takes you through five modules, including seminars in Greece and Vienna. Experience mindfulness, meditation, inquiry and effort in their essence. The training goes beyond simply imparting knowledge – it enables personal transformation and enables you to actively pass on what you have learned.

Difference from other forms of Buddhism

The difference to religious Buddhism lies primarily in the interpretation of individual teaching content, Buddhist terms and beliefs, such as the doctrine of dependent emergence, the definition of rebirth, enlightenment, ignorance and the methods of Buddhist mental training.

Difference from other methods of mental exercise, such as psychotherapy

WISDOM could be described as Buddhist therapy. However, the focus is not on analyzing personal problems, but rather on recognizing and overcoming them yourself without evaluating and judging them.

The WISDOM training is for you if you:

Already have experience in meditation, mindfulness or yoga.

Want to deepen and expand your understanding of a mindful life.

Want to pass on the WISDOM method.

Want to develop skills as a meditation and mindfulness teacher.

The training lasts 1 year and extends over five modules, which take place in a mix of face-to-face units in Vienna, online units and as self-study.

Module 1: The Secret of Mindfulness

7 days seminar in Greece June 15, 2024 – June 22, 2024

Personal feedback after the course

Module 2: Finding Inner Peace – The Essence of Mindfulness and Meditation

Module 3: Deeper Calm and Problem Solving

Module 4: Consciousness, Creativity and Leadership

Modules 2 – 4 each consist of 6 evening units on the main focus of the module with lectures, exercises, joint meditations and reflections on the exercises. The units take place online or in person in Vienna.

1 personal feedback at the end of each module

Module 5: Maturity, Overcoming Suffering and Enlightenment – Applying what you have learned

4 day seminar in Vienna June 2025

Finally, you will complete a specially created 60-minute unit with your course team.


For each module, self-study is planned for integration into everyday life. Here, the teaching content made available on our Learn platform should be developed independently. We provide you with video lectures, concrete exercises and our WISDOM manual. These documents are included in the module price. As part of self-study, it is planned to form small groups over the course of the training in order to design courses for yourself and your team. We support these and provide space for them.

Course leader: Peter Riedl

Do you have any questions? You can reach the WISDOM team at b.behmer@uwgmbh.at.

Curriculum (subject to change)

The exact course of the training courses will be determined together with Peter Riedl. Inquiries for personal preliminary discussions with Peter Riedl at info@peterriedl.at.

WISDOM teacher
1 year (5 modules and self-study)
Internalization of the WISDOM method, as well as the 4 levels of personal WISDOM practice and independent instruction of WISDOM courses


Mindfulness – Psychotherapy – Spirituality

Get to know the mindfulness center in the wild nature of Peli Kastri and develop future seminar projects together with other experts.

Why join?

Are you thinking about offering seminars/workshops/retreats in the perfect, wild and romantic area of Pelion, but the initial spark has been missing so far? Then this week Buddha & Sirtaki is just right for you.
This week is intended to serve as a melting pot for different approaches and ideas, to network experts, to broaden horizons and to serve as the perfect opportunity for networking.

Peli Kastri follows the vision of Peter and Elisabeth Riedl and combines wild nature and tranquil places that only exist in the absolutely untouristy area of southern Pelion.

Peli Kastri includes extensive terrain that offers a myriad of opportunities for seminars and retreats.
A place to relax and take a vacation.

A place for self-awareness and introspection.

A place for physical and mental healing.

A place as beautiful as nature itself.

Daily schedule (subject to change! The exact schedule will be discussed with the participants on site.)

Sunday, May 26th – 5 p.m.: “Come Together” in Julia’s authentic tavern – it is located directly on the secluded beach of Kastri, 50m away from Guesthouse Peli Kastri

The offer from May 27th to May 31st, 2024


Morning sessions from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m

A Buddhist exercise path to insight and clarity. Peter Ried (the founder of Peli Kastri) teaches the exercises of meditation and mindfulness, as originally taught by Buddha, in a contemporary form.


Afternoon sessions from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., designed by Anna Mauer and Michael Haid

In workshops, discussions and working groups, you will get to know this seminar location and have the opportunity to talk and exchange ideas with colleagues. The aim is also to get to know different directions in a relaxed atmosphere and perhaps develop new, exciting projects and visions together – with the opportunity to present them too. We will also hike along paths and paths to other bathing bays – and whatever else we can think of.

There will also be many opportunities to get to know the area and each other, exchange ideas, go on excursions or simply unwind.


Anna Maurer, Peter Riedl and Michael Haid

Course language

German, with English translation on request

Extension option:

From June 2nd, the seminar “Mindful Hiking – Paths and Bookings on South Pelion” by Michael Haid will take place.


WISDOM serves as a method and exercise to make your own life a success.

For whom?

For all people who want to follow a non-esoteric and non-faith-based practice path and workshops or seminars based on this

Goals of the method:

Depending on the intensity and duration of the exercise, the following goals can be achieved:

Come to rest

solve problems

Develop leadership skills

Ripen and grow

Be free

Difference from other forms of Buddhism

The difference to religious Buddhism lies primarily in the interpretation of individual teaching content, Buddhist terms and beliefs, such as the doctrine of dependent emergence, the definition of rebirth, enlightenment, ignorance and the methods of Buddhist mental training.

Difference from other methods of mental exercise, such as psychotherapy

WISDOM could be described as Buddhist therapy. However, the focus is not on analyzing personal problems, but rather on recognizing and overcoming them yourself without evaluating and judging them.

The aim of the WISDOM method is to learn to deal better with the difficulties of everyday life

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The course itself is designed individually and therefore does not run in the traditional way with set course and free time, but rather mindfulness is practiced in and for life, so that this can be achieved even after the joint practice in everyday life.

The course pace and content are determined by the participants

Course management
Peter Riedl

Course language
German, with English translation upon request


Every experience and being happens in the here and now, in the present. If we are not present, we remain trapped in a construct that we unconsciously form from an imagined past and a hoped-for or feared future.

The result is confusion, problems, fears and stress.
In a conscious moment of presence, these things dissolve and what remains is “I am” connected to everything and everyone.

Connected over the mystery of life.
We’ll try this secret a bit this week
to understand.

More clarity, improved relationships, less fear and stress, more intense experiences and getting closer to the meaning of your life – these could be your goals for this week.

I support you by instructing simple exercises, answering any questions you may have and opening up space for encounters.

Why this retreat?

Better understand what is happening around us: We sharpen our senses, both for external impressions and for our internal sensations and diffuse thoughts.

Recognize our own thoughts and feelings: We learn to consciously perceive, observe and name our own thoughts and emotions in order to create self-awareness.

Questioning previous thought patterns and habits: Through this conscious observation we discover the beliefs and habits that have influenced our lives so far.

Discovering needs and desires: We explore what lies behind our daily chaos of thoughts.

Creating distance from limiting self-images: We learn to distance ourselves from self-identifications that may limit us.

Getting to know your inner guidance and longing: We become familiar with our inner guidance and our deep desires, which can show us the way to an authentic life.

Mindfulness in movement: Under the guidance of the experienced therapist Michael Haid, you will learn mindfulness in movement. Hiking becomes a meditative experience.

And at the same time you will experience the breathtaking landscape of Pelion, on hikes through lush, fragrant forests and explore largely untouched nature. Ideal for self-knowledge and reflection.

2023-06 Kastri Beherzt-83

Day 1 – Arrival and getting to know each other for the first time

6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Presentation of the week, equipment discussion, questions/answers

Day 2 – Monday

Easy hike and exercises
Time to bathe

Day 3 – 5 Tuesday – Thursday

06.00 Sunrise Sitting (optional)
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mindful hiking, exercises and reflection.

Also included: beach and swimming

7:00 p.m. – Dinner

Day 6 Friday

06.00 sunrise sitting together (optional)

Morning: “Going out”

Afternoon: reflection in the group and conclusion

6.30 p.m. – Open end, farewell, final dinner and relaxed evening

Day 7 Saturday

Departure or further stay

Good to know:

Immediately afterwards, the workshop GROWTH WITH BEHERZT starts with Anna Maurer and Michael Haid.

Course language
German (translation on request)



This workshop, developed by Anna Maurer, is about how you can realize yourself and grow in contact with other people.

What gives us meaning in life and what values provide us with orientation to enable us to live out our personal talents responsibly. In this retreat we use the olive trees that surround us as an analogy for life itself. Because, like a tree, it is important to accept and take our roots, our past and our current being with us.

Acknowledging our life experiences helps us discover gifts and resources. With this clarity you can plan your next steps and “courageously” shape your authentic life.

Why this retreat?

If we see everything we have experienced and learned so far as meaningful for our lives and have the courage to develop trust in our inner source of strength, we will discover still dormant potential that needs to be realized. This workshop helps to recognize where we are not yet using this power and what life still has in store for us to live it courageously.

Course management

Anna Maurer and Michael Haid

Course language

German (translations on request)

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